As a child development specialist I provide consultation, coaching, and support for parents who have questions or concerns about their children’s behavior or are experiencing difficulty being the parent they want to be.

I help parents to figure out how to maintain a positive family culture that enables a safe, supportive climate in the home.

I teach parents how to create strong supportive relationships with their children without having to give them everything they ask for, and how to set limits effectively while remaining calm and in control, no matter what the provocation.

When we think about our own childhoods probably one of the first things that comes to mind is whether our parents were happy or unhappy. In family life mood is like oxygen. It pervades all family events and interactions. When the prevailing mood is largely positive we don’t really think about it, just like we don’t think about the air we breathe. But when stresses prevail nobody breathes very easily. And if we are stressed as parents our children will inevitably be stressed too.

What children need most is someone to help them keep a smile on their face.

Much of my work with families revolves around teaching parents how to do that.

In January of 2021 I began meeting with clients via Zoom and other video platforms. I have clients in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Vermont, and Costa Rica. Please call or email if you would like more information,